My daughter is attending the Abacus classes at your center. This has helped her in doing the fast calculations and improved her ability in solving the problems.
Mr. J.V. Rao
Swati's father
My son is in 7th level of Abacus training. He has shown excellent improvement. He has become more attentive and his concentration has improved. We appreciate his teachers and Wisdom Education Society for this wonderful job.
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Rana
Rudraksh's father
It has proved to be very beneficial to our kids specially in the era where people don't have much time for calculations they have learnt everything on their tips and maths for them had become a fun game. The credit goes to Abacus classes
Mrs. Sunita kukreja
Chaitanya & Videesha's mother
Handwriting Improvement
Hand­writ­ing is a process stu­dent incur in daily life . It con­sumes largest por­tion of stu­dents cur­ricu­lum . If such a major part is not up to the mark it has a big neg­a­tive impact observ­able . If we could take this first nec­es­sary step in pri­mary edu­ca­tion, we will be saved from much use­less expen­di­ture. Not only that, but we would also enrich and even add to the life of chil­dren, because the change would enable them to achieve a greater men­tal and phys­i­cal development.
Benefits of Handwritting Improvement
  • Good hand­writ­ing is like the doorstep to the hall of com­mu­ni­ca­tion,” The basic func­tion of the writ­ten word is to com­mu­ni­cate and hand­writ­ing plays an impor­tant role in deter­min­ing how effec­tive the communication is.
  • It is a known fact good hand­writ­ing can help stu­dents fetch that extra mark in examinations.
  • If a stu­dent have good hand­writ­ing then auto­mat­i­cally his/her inter­est in stud­ies and read­ing increases , he is able to retain much faster .
  • The focus on hand­writ­ing serves as a spring­board for stu­dent achieve­ment across the cur­ricu­lum. If a per­son has a good hand­writ­ing in a par­tic­u­lar lan­guage, he invari­ably would write beau­ti­fully in other lan­guages also.
  • Leg­i­ble hand­writ­ing enhances the writer’s abil­ity to think.
  • Hand­writ­ing can boost your self-confidence. Lack of con­fi­dence may be rob­bing you of suc­cess. Your hand­writ­ing may hold the proof to make you believe in yourself.
  • You may find evi­dence of new tal­ents or apti­tudes in your hand­writ­ing that you never dreamed of.
  • Good hand­writ­ing is not only pleas­ing to the eye and easy to under­stand, it also tells us a whole lot of things about the per­son, clar­ity of thought, abil­ity to orga­nize, and bal­ance in presentation.
  • It def­i­nitely brings a pos­i­tive change in life, for dull stu­dents it can be a start towards improve­ment in their stud­ies and to make them more determined .
  • Mainly in vil­lages and in gov­ern­ment schools , teach­ers and stu­dents don’t know cur­sive hand­writ­ing. For Eng­lish medium schools it is very impor­tant to learn cur­sive hand­writ­ing as the speed increases more in it as com­pared to print­ing script.
Duration : ( 20 to 30 hours course depending on the age and  the ability of the student)
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