My daughter is attending the Abacus classes at your center. This has helped her in doing the fast calculations and improved her ability in solving the problems.
Mr. J.V. Rao
Swati's father
My son is in 7th level of Abacus training. He has shown excellent improvement. He has become more attentive and his concentration has improved. We appreciate his teachers and Wisdom Education Society for this wonderful job.
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Rana
Rudraksh's father
It has proved to be very beneficial to our kids specially in the era where people don't have much time for calculations they have learnt everything on their tips and maths for them had become a fun game. The credit goes to Abacus classes
Mrs. Sunita kukreja
Chaitanya & Videesha's mother
The first educational  program Abacus start by Society is an internationally well – known powerful Brain Development Program, which will effectively activate child talent and develop Mental Skills & creative Skills resulting in Self reliance and self – confidence.
Target segment of student
  • Children in the age group 6-14 years
  • Children who can count numbers from 0-9
  • Children with plentiful imagination
  • Children who fear mathematics
  • Children who lack self – confidence
  • Children who would like to improve academically
Duration : levels  8 (weekly one day 2 hours session )
Wisdom Abacus course is having  total 8 level program ,  First basic level is of 4 months  and rest of other levels of 3 months each.
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